Friday, June 8, 2012

DENTAL GRADUATION: Summer Splash Sweet Table~Scape

This sweet table~scape was for a dentist office group, that had 3 of their own graduate from Hygienist School. It was a 'summer splash' bbq held at a the color scheme was fun and colorful, matching their napkin paper pattern, with touches of dental fun and graduation congrats include for the 3 lady graduates!

ConGRADulations to the 3 New Hygienist Graduates - Alena, Esme, Rayna!
The sign below the names read:  
"CAVITIES of the World: BEWARE"!
(notice the toothebrushes in the arrangement?)

"Fluoride" Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

"Cavity" Confetti Cake Truffles
(love the "toothe"picks toppers!)

"Gum Disease" Snickerdoodles 

"Oral Hygiene" Orange Glazed Brownies

"Plaque" Pina Colada Cupcakes
w/coconut rum cream cheese frosting
(with 'toothe' picks)
 Also on the sweet table~scape were "Incisor" Jolly Ranch Candy and ""Wisdom Teethe" Red Licorice!

...and the hygienist said....
"If you eat all your SWEETS, you can pick a dental tatoo"! 

I enjoyed creating this unique themed Graduation Table~Scape, with the references to dental work while incorporate the colorful, fun summer splash theme!  What do you think?

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