Thursday, April 5, 2012

Part 2 "Cirque du Bebe" Baby Shower - The Candy Bar and Decor!

Every event and even the most talented and creative hostess, can benefit from some ~Forever44 Sweet Creations & More~ assistance!  I enjoyed working with the creative and talented hostess of this "Cirque du Bebe" Baby Shower!

The whole collaboration began with a consultation to discuss some creative baby shower theme suggestions from ~Forever44 Sweet Creations & More~ which resulted in the hostess choosing this wonderful and unique baby shower theme for her elegant event!

Next, we collaborated together to make the mommy-to-be's celebration, one to remember! Lots of color, whimsical decorations everywhere you looked! Together ~Forever44 Sweet Creations & More~ and the hostess coordinated the decor the 'sweets' tables!  See the detailed information below.

"Welcome to Kelly's Cirque du Bebe Shower"
wreath designed by
~Forever44 Sweet Creations & More~

The hostess creative this beautiful entry way table 

What a collaboration! Dessert Table~Scape and The Candy Bar!
All under the 'big top' - a black & white tulle tent!

The hostess provided The Candy Bar decor and sweets
that I set up and layed out for her. Loved the way that it came out and
complimented the Dessert Table~Scape that I designed.  
No shortage of vibrant and bright colors or sweets, on both tables!

The Candy Bar!

What "circus" would be complete without Caramel Popcorn Cones?!
M&Ms, Skittles, Hershey Kisses, Mini Candy Bars,
Taffy, Marshmallow Sticks, Lollipops, etc!
The hostess made this wonderful lollipop decor.
~Forever44 Sweet Creations & More~ created the sign:
"It was SWEET of you to come!
The Candy Bar sign created by
~Forever44 Sweet Creations & More~

The thank you favor gift boxes for the guests to take home
their favorite Candy Bar treats home! 

Are you a talented and creative "Hostess with the Mostess" - such as this "Cirque du Bebe" Baby Shower hostess?  Are you gonna be hostessing or planning a celebration for yourself or others?  Everyone can use a little extra help and "WOW" for an event!  Let ~Forever44 Sweet Creations & More~ partner with you to provide some extra creativity and uniqueness to your event...beginning with a creative theme and ending with a Sweet Table~Scape designed just for your event!
A Sweet Table~Scape designed by 
~Forever44 Sweet Creations & More~ 
will ensure a sweet and memorable ending to any event!

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