Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Welcome to my first blog!  I'm new to the blogging world and would like to share a little bit about myself.  My name is Pam, wife, mother and grandmother.  On May 30, 2010, I received the worse news a parent could receive; the passing of their child. My son, Marcus, had passed away, very unexpectedly. After months of grieving, I returned to work, only to loose my job several months later. It was around the end of the year, holiday season, typically a difficult time of the year for job searching. I decided to focus on my family and getting through the first holiday season without my son and with my first grand daughter.

After the holidays, I began seeking employment, only to come to the frustration and realization that it was a tough job market for everyone and positions were few and far between. As I continued to look for employment, we had some family events coming up that I, as usual, enjoyed planning for including a family baby shower as well and my son's 1-year memorial gathering. During the gathering of my son's 1-year memorial of his passing, and at a family baby shower, many guests complimented my dessert table design and sweet treats and told me that I should start a business, with my Dessert Tables and Baking Treats, especially since I wasn't making any progress in the job market.

After the past year of tragedy and what I had been through, loosing my son and loosing my job, I realized, even more so, how important it was to live life and love what you're doing. So....I did just that, May 2011, I began my business planning with the first most important aspect, the name.  My son, Marcus, had always been one of my biggest fans of my baking...always steeling the first cookie out of the oven (which I have now named after him) or asking me, "Is it cinnamon roll time?" - since I only baked them during the fall/winter time. And on special occasions, whether it be my birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas, he always bought me something that had to do with my love of baking - a new cookbook, cookie jar, etc....so after weeks of brainstorming with my husband, kids and friends, about how could I honor my son through my baking and party planing passion...came my business name, "Forever44 Sweet Creations & More".   My son, Marcus, was a very talented and passionate football player within our local community in his younger years, as well as throughout high school, and his number was 44, for the majority of those years; hence the name "Forever44".  :)

I dedicate my business, each and every day to him, and continue to look My Angel, Marcus, above, for inspiration, guidance and growth of my business, with a goal of increasing the exposure of my business in this new year of 2012 to new clients and customers!  With that in mind, and the start of this new year, I'm entering the world of 'blogging' to reach those additional clients and customers, as well as keeping current clients and customers up on what's new and exciting at ~Forever44 Sweet Creations & More~!  I'm always excited to share my new creations - whether it be dessert table designs, sweet creations, consulting with a client for unique party themes or party styling accessories - and look forward to doing so through this blog!  I'll be posting as often as possible on this blog, (at least weekly), regarding what I'm working on and what my  latest-n-greatest party or dessert creations are!

I'm looking forward to "designing and styling" your 2012 special event or occasions for you!  This year, my business of my Dessert Table~Scapes and Party Styling offerings will have more to offer to clients and customers including BESPOKE (custom-made) banners, garlands, wreaths, candy cakes, diaper cakes, etc. - as well as new "sweet creations" on my dessert and breakfast sweets menu!

I hope that you'll continue to follow me and ~Forever44 Sweet Creations & More~!  
Happy New Year!

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